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I Care Internal Medicine & Bariatrics

Mohammad I. Jamil, MD & Ashwini Ammunje, MD

Due to COVID-19, our office has implemented various policies to

help protect our staff and patients during this time.

Office Appointments:

Established patients can choose to be scheduled for virtual (telemedicine) visits using a secure and HIPAA compliant platform (ZocDoc), which requires no downloads.  Patients can utilize any smartphone or computer/laptop with a webcam.  If Dr. Jamil or Dr. Ammunje feel that the patient's condition will require an in-person visit, they will advise coming into the office.   If a patient is experiencing any possible covid symptoms, they will be switched to a virtual visit for the safety of our staff and patients. 

Patient Precautions:

We ask for our patients to not enter our building if experiencing a fever or any other symptoms of COVID-19, if they have traveled outside of the state within 14 days, or if they have had close contact with anyone suspected or known to have COVID-19.

Our waiting area is open, however, we do have limited seating to limit exposures.  We ask that no visitors accompany the patient into the office unless absolutely needed.  We will allow 1 caregiver to accompany the patient and they will also be required to follow the same guidelines. 

All persons entering must wear a face-covering during their appointment and at all times while in our office.  If you do not already have one, one will be provided.  Face masks must cover your nose while you are inside. 

Please do not wear any gloves as we will ask you to dispose of them and sanitize your hands.

Employee Precautions:

All employees will wear face masks and other personal protective equipment as deemed necessary.

Employees are not to report to work if they are experiencing any symptoms. 

Employees will disinfect all areas of the clinic before and after each patient.